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We use the Strong First Kettlebells system at 8 Limbs Academy for Strength & Conditioning originally founded by Pavel Tsatsouline!

Kettlebells are cast-iron & center mass of gravity extend further than the hand which makes for great ballistic exercises that incorporates a cardiovascular workout, strength training & mobility. Training Kettlebell has many benefits.

  • Get lean without gaining mass
  • Burn calories
  • Build strength in muscles, ligaments & joints
  • Build forearm & grip strength
  • You will be engaging the entire body at once

Our Kettlebell Coaches are SFG Certified. We take pride in our high standards and attention to technique, safety, and results.


Strength and Cardio

You’ll get a strength and cardio workout in one! Save time while getting strong & burning calories in this 45 minute Kettlebell class! Class is offered 6 days a week, all levels welcome. Please schedule your one on one introduction by emailing the school.

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