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Muay Thai Kickboxing

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing program is intense! Expect to be pushed hard and find our what you're made of. Muay Thai is meant to be tough but is taught in a safe and controlled environment.

The 8 Limbs Academy Muay Thai Kickboxing Program is broken up into 4 levels of group-based classes. All classes are lead by a Head Instructor and facilitated by an Assistant Instructor. Classes are designed this way so students can receive personal instruction and still benefit from their team-mates. All are welcome and there is no experience needed to join.

All the classes are designed for the community to learn the Muay Thai in a safe, respectful, encouraging and high-energy environment. All our classes include loads of cardio, mobility, technique, drilling, strength and conditioning. Muay Thai Kickboxing IS a contact sport, but all training is respectful and taught so all athletes are safe and in control. We all train as a team… as brothers and sisters. We motivate one another when it feels like the gas tank is empty. The work is hard, but trust us… you’ll feel amazing when it’s done.


Fundamentals &/or Foundations : (Beginner)

The central purpose of our program is to establish safe and efficient training habits. While we pride ourselves on keeping safety standards to the highest level, there is always an inherent risk to this activity. This risk can be lowered by respecting the importance of skillful movement and progressing at a suitable pace. These concepts are hammered in during the Foundation and Quick Start program so every student is given the tools required to avoid injury.

The Fundamental & Foundation classes are the entrance way to our Muay Thai program. You’ll learn most of your basics here so you can safely step into the next level. Even though you’ll be learning the foundations of Muay Thai, these classes are still very physically demanding and are meant to prepare you for what is to come.

(All gear can be purchased from our pro shop)
Gloves, hand-wraps, Shin Guards, shorts and a t-shirt.


Effective Practice : (Intermediate/Advanced)

Effective Practice classes are faster paced. We focus on Muay Thai kickboxing techniques, Advanced pad holding drills, calisthenics,  mobility, structure and confidence. Students will learn how to hit and hold Thai Pads, learn “dutch-style” contact drills and work a heavy bag. Less talking – WAY more rocking!

You must get the head nod from a coach to attend this level of training

(All gear can be purchased from our pro shop)
Gloves, shin-guards, hand-wraps, muay thai shorts, mouth guard, and a t-shirt.


Advanced Fighter Training

This is our most demanding and most diverse group of students. This program is meant for students that want to become amateur/pro fighters. Lots of sparring, clinching, camaraderie, hitting thai pads, strength, sprinting, icing your shins and talking about food. These students are our team leaders and assistant coaches.

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