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Positive Start Youth Kickboxing

Enrolling a child in a Martial Arts school is an obvious choice. The Martial Arts combine discipline, self-control and self-confidence with a fun, energy-releasing work out. All of our Positive Start Youth Kickboxing students are placed in a curriculum that provides training goals for all stages of their growth.

Our Positive Start Youth Kickboxing students are Ages 7-13. Fourteen years & older will be placed in our adult program and safely learn and train with our adults.


Positive Start Youth Kickboxing curriculum combines traditional Muay Thai and Kickboxing training with a focus on respect, positivity and courage. Our curriculum provides training goals for all students. Every three to four months, a student is tested on their progress. When the student passes the test, they achieve a higher rank; thus, earning a prajioud that will represent their new rank.

Setting/achieving goals, creating connections and continually learning builds student character and respect that’s known to turn youth students into lifelong community leaders.

Positive Start: Ages 7-13

45-minute-long classes offered multiple times a week. The kids program is based on respect discipline, Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques, attentiveness, fun, flexibility, and strength. Each class will be run by a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach. Students are encouraged to train 2 – 3 classes per week.




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