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Charlie Cottone : Head Coach

Charlie Cottone

Head Coach

Charlie Cottone has been practicing Muay Thai since 2004 and has been teaching Muay Thai since 2007, Coach Charlie has trained with some of the most accomplished Muay Thai Fighters/Coaches in the world, including: Rami Ibrahim, Damien Trainor, Francois Ambang, and Lonnie Beck. Coach Charlie is still an amateur Muay Thai fighter, is a WKA and USKA official and continues to practice Muay Thai daily..

Charlie has been playing in punk bands his whole life and continues to do so. He rides a bike, follows Tottenham, is a Web and Graphic Designer and can be found at Fu Wah smashing Tofu Hoagies with everything.

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Kate Allen : Coach, Supreme Manager

Kate Allen

Coach, Supreme Manager

Kate "Meatball" Allen has been practicing Muay Thai since 2010.  Coach Kate is a very high level A-Class amateur Muay Thai fighter and has fought Internationally. She was on the USMF team & represented the USA at IFMA Tournament in Minsk, Belarus in 2017.  She is the current WBC Featherweight Champion, won the Featherweight division at the TBA Classic Tournament in 2016 & held the WKA Bantamweight weight title. Coach Kate is also a WKA Official and has traveled through the mid atlantic region to compete and coach.  Coach Kate runs the Women's Kickboxing program & the Kettlebell program. Coach Kate also is StrongFirst Kettlebell Certified.

Kate is the 8 Limbs Academy Supreme Manager. Kate is also know as the "The Executioner" due to her ability to get ANYTHING done in an insanely organized fashion in a incredibly short amount of time. She is from North East Philly, ya'll better know.

Coach Kate retired from Dental Hygiene in 2016 (17 years in Dentistry) to pursue her dream of owning a Muay Thai School & becoming a Coach & personal trainer.  You might also see Kate running around Philly with Arnold (school mascot), sipping ReAnimator Coffee or chowing down on some food at Clark Park.

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Mary Bee : Coach

Mary Bee


Mary started training Muay Thai many years ago in Richmond, Virginia. She has trained and fought out of Richmond BJJ, Five Points Academy and most recently Body Arts Muay Thai, notably under the guidance of Coach Charlie and alongside fighters and your Coaches: Kate, Adam and Carly. Her other true love in this life is music and she applies the same philosophy to both pursuits "repetition, repetition, repetition." Catch her outside of the gym walking around with headphones on drinking too much coffee.

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Adam McCann : Coach

Adam McCann


Adam has been swinging a hammer his whole life, that's why he hits so hard. He's the 2014 WKA WORLD title holder in Muay Thai and Glory Rules Kickboxing. Adam is a tough dude, that hits hard, cuz he swings a hammer.

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Carly Onofrio : Assistant Coach

Carly Onofrio

Assistant Coach

"I HAVE NO IDEA. I'm not good at this. Also, don't know if you want to say "nearly two years" instead of "nineteen months". For pictures, maybe just use the one Kate put up on the page? if you want a more clear one of my face, let me know. I also included the one of me and mary, don't know if that's too confusing for people."

Carly is a West Philly resident and stylist at Talking Headz. After first training with Coaches Charlie and Kate nineteen months ago, she quickly fell in love with the sport and culture of Muay Thai. Aside from training, Carly spends her time working on art or playing in cruddy punk bands.

Heh... Carly is great.

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Arnold : Mascot, Emotional Support


Mascot, Emotional Support

Arnold is a dog that will be at the school from time to time providing love, support and worldly advice. Arnold watches Muay Thai fights on youtube all day and has more swag than you can possibly imagine.

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 Charlie & Kate’s Coach

From Coach Charlie:
Kate and I still practice Muay Thai with the one and only Rami Ibrahim @ Rami Elite in North East Philadelphia. He is one of the biggest inspirations in our lives and a lot of what we do at 8 Limbs Academy comes DIRECTLY from our teacher, Rami Ibrahim. We love and thank him so much and we feel incredibly fortunate to have him in our lives. 

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